The Tidy Type LLC


Perfect for clients who may be struggling to implement or maintain organizing systems in the home. The Tidy Type can help design a strategy to get motivated or establish new routines to tackle tasks and save you time.


Perfect for busy clients whose schedule may not be able to accommodate the traditional organizing process. The Tidy Type can work with you via phone, email and other virtual platforms to resolve organizational challenges.


Perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who would like to increase productivity. The Tidy Type can develop and implement a personalized organizing system to help manage your work space.


Perfect for clients whose busy work or family schedules may leave them with little time to unpack after a move. The Tidy Type can work with you to ensure that all of your precious memories have a proper home from the star.  

 What to Expect 

Getting to Know You

We begin the journey to organizational freedom with a phone call or email to discuss your concerns and needs. 

Making a Plan

We set an appointment to meet in person (unless a virtual session has been scheduled) and agree on the goals and vision of the space. 

Working Together

We work together to establish systems that work for you and are practical to mainatin.

Enjoying the Final Product

You are able to relax and enjoy your newly organized space!

For more info call/email 

Phone: (301) 818-1915

Email: [email protected]